Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Sabbath Poetry: Wendell Berry

If I am anything, I am a creature of habit. To employ that fact toward productive ends, I am planning to make my weekly Sunday post an opportunity to share poetry that I have discovered, and that I have written. So, beginning today, I will share one poem that I have written, and another, written by someone else, that is a favorite. (Reader beware: I know little poetry, so Mr. Wendell Berry -- whom my wife calls my lover -- will be making numerous appearances.)

Any and all feedback -- along with submissions and/or suggestions of where to look for other good poetry -- I welcome gladly. And now, enjoy, on this beautiful lazy Sunday afternoon.

- - - - - - -

There is a day
By Wendell Berry

There is a day
when the road neither comes
nor goes, and the way
is not a way but a place.

- - - - - - -

Notes in a Car Under Courtland Bridge

A small thing in life
is one man, young, another
of different color, eyes
met, and a smile. The walk
before was one of fear
(and there is plenty still
around); but here, in this
time, in this place, I sit
secretly, privileged
to mystery: one hand
outstretched, another too.
A tight fist and stiff neck
this is not. Friendship. Love,
and brotherhood. A slap,
a shake, words shared, a laugh.
Old friends anew—catch up!
A people’s patience here
fulfilled is worth the wait.

1 comment:

  1. I want to comment on your entire blog to date. Here it goes...

    I'm glad your blogging. Now I may get to know the Brad I never knew.

    Nice Poetry! Is Wendell Berry your pseudonym or a published poet? Your wife's "your lover" comment has me a little confused, but that's not an uncommon state for me.

    Sarah Palin for President!!!

    So far, I find myself agreeing with every quote I have ever heard from Stanley Hauerwas. Thank you for exposing me to my first and only to date. (of course I don't know the context of this quote, and reserve the right to disagree with all future quotes if need be)

    You had me reflecting deeply and laughing out loud with "On the Apprenticeship of Prayer". Both of which, are marks of a very good writer. Keep infusing your work with humor. You have a gift.

    And finally, if someone approaches me and asks if I know something interesting, I will say "yes, there is this new blog..."

    Joel from TEXAS. :)