Monday, November 24, 2008

Being Simple and Giving Thanks

I was having trouble picking from a dozen or so ideas and half-written posts, planning to set them to automatically post once a day throughout the week. Then I realized -- it's Thanksgiving! I don't have school! Why am I worrying about finishing up complicated theological blog posts when I get to gather with family and feast for a week!?

Being states removed from immediate family has helped to remind me -- much less my far more conscientious wife -- what a gift it is when holidays afford the opportunity to gather together and celebrate. Not only that, but the past couple weeks have brought home to us all the ways in which God is providing new friends and family through church here in Atlanta.

So, dear readers, I hope this finds you well, and that you are able to enjoy this week with those you love. Praise God for the common gifts he gives us: for family and friends, for celebration and food, for feasting and rest, for travel and reunion, for naps and football. God is good.

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