Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Introducing ... Scribite!

Behold! I come bearing good news for all the people.

A couple of old friends and I have created a group blog called Scribite. (We even have our own URL!) A bit more expansive than this more theologically-themed blog -- though you wouldn't know it by the recent slew of movie-related posts -- we will simply be writing about any and all things of interest, but in a more communal, interrelated way. We've already got the party started with about a dozen posts, so feel free to join the fun! I will still be writing here, so no need to pick one or the other -- sometimes I'll post the same on each, sometimes I'll keep it separate. It's just a different opportunity to do different kinds of stuff.

(Plus, the best part is that we all think about things in majorly different ways -- which is to say that all of my blabbering on about war and poverty and politics here, so uniform and relatively unchallenged, will certainly not go unnoticed there.)

So! I hope you'll go check it out.

Oh, and one disclaimer: I am just a writer, so save all of your praise for the look and feel and construction of the site itself for my Scribite colleagues (oh yes, you're getting that language from me). They're great with all sorts of stuff like that; I just do what I'm told.

Below is our "About" section on the site, to give you a bit of a better feel for what we're doing.

- - - - - - -

Scribite is a group blog comprised of a handful of friends writing about everything: politics, religion, sports, culture, etc. We take our name from the Latin imperative “Write!” and answer the call dutifully. If, however, you want to ignore the accent mark and name us like an Old Testament people group (e.g., the Hittites), that works, too. Not only are we just that magnanimous, it is essentially what we are: ragtag blog scribes.

The Iconoclasts are made up of Tyler and Julie, unrelated except by friendship. Tyler is our renaissance man, a savant with daily-changing interests and expertises. He lives in Houston with his newlywed wife, cheers for the Rockets, loves good wine and dancing and people, and is equally likely by the end of his life to have (a) worked in the FBI, (b) served as a Mandarin interpreter in a U.S. consulate, (c) been GM of an NBA team, (d) coached high school sports, (e) raised 7 children, or (f) all of the above.

Julie, by God’s grace, is a lifelong Spurs fan. She proved her blogging chops with an inaugural post liveblogging a Cowboys-Redskins game. She is presently in Washington, D.C., doing D.C. things in a D.C. world. Her friends speak of her as easygoing, smart, and witty. Her future will be filled in later, once the author of this section gets to know her better.

Pomdilly is an inexplicable term inextricably tied to the inexorably complex personality of Matt. Himself a Spurs fan — is there a better way to state one’s character? — Matt finds himself in Houston in temporary servitude to an evil corporation whose name we cannot publish for fear of his safety. Suffice to say that Matt is living one crazy life — what with the early bedtimes, office hijinks, and constant anxious anticipation of Bill Simmons’ next column — a life we can only know to call Pomdilly.

Brad is our Resident Theologian, as yet without a real job, as yet unrevealing of plans to ever actually work a real job. Currently in the midst of earning his Master of Divinity degree in Atlanta, Brad is a happily married newlywed, with whom he shares overwhelming love … for the Spurs. He blogs on his own at Resident Theology. He and Matt have known each other since infancy, and they have known Tyler since high school. Which time period was a more harrowing experience, no one knows.

We hope you enjoy sharing time, discussion, argument, faith, thought, and laughter with us. And of course, we invite you to join the part: scribite!

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