Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Austin On My Mind

My wife and I, finally done with finals and jobs and internships, are headed home to Austin, that glorious shining beacon of weird and cool in the heart of Texas. We haven't been in nine months! After a semester of thinking about what "home" means in the context of homelessness (socioeconomic and otherwise), we are happy to be going home for a couple weeks.

What does Robert Frost say? "Home is where they have to let you in." Praise God that we have families big and wide and happy enough to actually welcome us ragamuffins in. Praise God for two weeks of feasting, laughing, and sharing, for Mexican food and televised Spurs games, for Bob Schneider and breakfast tacos, for Christmas lights and Guadalupe and burnt orange and Mopac.

Praise God for Half-Price Books!

Praise God for the Round Rock Church of Christ, family of families, home of homes, faithful disciples in the way. There is so much to be thankful for, even in the midst of economic crisis and long uncertainty and 15-hour car drives. Stephen Johnson would advise us to revel in such a liminal moment. That we might!

I know that tomorrow, on I-20 and 79, driving through five states, on my way home, I will do just that: revel. Austin, old friend -- here I come.

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