Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back to Atlanta, and Feeling Thankful

Hello all! It has been quiet around here for the past few weeks, but hopefully, in a proportionally inverse relationship, as recently-added pounds decrease, posts will increase.

Which is to say, after a healthy, extended stay in Austin, we are back on the road and headed for Atlanta. Back to our "home" home, back to habit and routine, back to the rhythms of dailiness.

In the process of reflecting on 2008 -- not to mention putting together upcoming "Best Of" lists for your viewing pleasure -- I have found myself increasingly and happily thankful: that best of virtues, the orientation and welcoming toward all things, not least life, as gift.

And I have realized just how thankful I am to (and for) you, if you are reading; or even if you are not reading, but have chanced upon the blog; or even if you fit neither group, but belong to that ephemeral, intangible thing called "the blog world." Thank you for reading; thank you for chancing; thank you for being!

I have realized just how adversarial toward "technology" I have been recently. And don't get me wrong -- I find a world of iPhones distinctly alarming. But! I have also been discovering the blessings and virtues of the wide interconnectedness of the Internet; and why be hostile? Nothing is not impure in some way. Instead of hostility, instead of the role of enemy, why not be a friend? Why not find the good? Why not -- to borrow N.T. Wright's phrase -- go forward in an epistemology of love? Technology, the blogging world, needs love no less than anything else.

So I find myself in the strange position of both being thankful for and loving something I have always participated in in a kind of suspicious, tainted way. No longer! (Cue Robin Pecknold.) With awe and gratitude and love, I drive back to Atlanta -- and step into 2009 -- celebrating my own conversion from "love/hate" to simply "love."

Among a thousand other things, that is what I will be thinking about tomorrow on the road. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things; I look forward to sharing our favorites from 2008; I look forward to reading together; I look forward to doing theology!

God is good.

See you soon.

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