Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello Again, Dusty Flatlands of Western Texas

My wife and I are off to dusty ol' Abilene for the next week and a half for my younger brother Garrett's wedding. I'll do my best to post when I can, but other than a couple Sunday Sabbath Poems, there'll probably be as many tumbleweeds around these parts as those attacking my sinuses in west Texas. A few notes before I head out.
  • Anyone see Lost's phenomenal season finale? I can't believe we are 17 episodes away (although still another year) from the end. For endless talkback and theories, see AICN's post; here's a solid wrap-up by Drew McWeeny; and I'm sure Todd VanDerWerff will have his huge write-up by tomorrow afternoon over at The House Next Door. (On a biblical-theological note, just like Battlestar Galactica, the spiritual themes are potentially becoming overt rather than covert. The talkbackers are already deeming the "other guy" with Jacob as none other than Esau. Can't wait to explore this next year.)
  • You'll be hearing much more from me about him soon enough, but for now: Go read Kevin Hart.
  • June 30 is the day Wilco (The Album) comes out. Now is the time you can hear it for free streamed online.
  • An epic three-part email exchange/debate (largely centered around NBA matters!) between Bill Simmons and Malcolm Gladwell!
  • From a guy raised by his dad on all things Star Trek, who got to watch J.J. Abrams' magnificently fun, gloriously faithful reboot on IMAX on opening night: Thank you, sir. Thank you.
  • So, my NBA playoffs predictions haven't turned out so hot. The Finals pick stands.
  • In the classroom that plays in my head, stashing away ideas for the future, I open class by playing these two videos back to back: Dr. King's famous speech against Vietnam, and John Piper's response to President Obama on abortion. I can only imagine the wealth of riches that would open up in the ensuing discussion (if engaged with grace and without vitriol) on Christian ethics, the witness of prophetic preaching, and the call of the church in America. I recall Stanley Hauerwas asking when was the last time you heard a sermon on abortion or war. There you go!
  • A fascinating but ultimately sad strand of comments following a post which was originally in response to a host of questions around the theological blogosphere. My God, we have to learn to talk to one another. Or we have to learn when to close the laptop and when to grab coffee together. Or, most importantly, we have to learn how to worship with one another. So many of our problems seem rooted in that unfortunate inability. May God help us to find peace and healing in and from our division at his table alone ... and then, only then, may we return to blogging.
And with that, I'm off. See you soon.

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