Sunday, June 14, 2009

Commending to You: Master's in Missional Leadership at Rochester College

Mark Love used to teach at Abilene Christian University and has been one of four students at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, earning a PhD in Missional Church. Mark was a huge influence on a great deal of fellow students at ACU whose theology and vision of ministry, God, and the church were profoundly enhanced and deepened by his leadership and teaching. (He also happens to be the father of one of my best friends.) He is truly a gift to churches of Christ in America -- a level-headed, sober but joyful, Bob Dylan-adoring voice of sanity and wholeness -- and therefore more broadly, a gift to the entire church catholic.

Having finished classes at Luther and beginning major work on his dissertation, Mark has taken up a position at Rochester College in Michigan, heading up a Resource Center for Missional Leadership that, specifically, will offer a Master's in Missional Leadership. They're looking to have an incoming class of about 15 students this fall and are looking for anyone interested to look into what they're doing. Here is the website, and the top post is by Mark explaining in fuller detail what the degree is all about.

The best part about it is that, in accord with the difference being missional makes, the degree is not for "traditional" students, but for second-career people, elders, and lay leaders. Thus the operating learning context is not the classroom but the congregation. Everything is online except for two one-week intensive seminars in April and August each year. The point, however, is to be learning in one's own context, in one's own culture and church, learning and sharing and implementing what it means to be missional as God's church in and for God's world.

Anyone interested, please go check out the website, look around, sign up to dialogue in the online community that's set up there. Or if you like, email Mark directly ( to ask him any questions you may have. Blessings on Mark in this new venture, and on all called to serve God in this way. God's mission for his creation is the better for it.

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