Sunday, August 23, 2009

Delaying the Celebration

This upcoming Saturday, August 29, is the one year anniversary of the first post here on Resident Theology. I had planned to have a series of five relatively brief posts commemorating the anniversary and exploring various contours of why I blog, my intent on this blog, etc. However, this weekend has brought unexpected and painful news for friends and family -- not for sharing here, but nothing health-related -- and thus it is not the appropriate time for a celebratory week of self-congratulating blog posts. We'll probably get to those next week, but for now, this week will be pretty sparse. Until then.

[Update: Unexpectedly, I was taken over with the need to write about the ethics of Christians and cinematic violence, and because the topic wasn't upbeat or celebratory like the originally planned series was going to be, I went ahead and posted above.]

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