Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leonardo Boff on Capitalism, Socialism, and the Community of the Holy Trinity

"In the capitalist system, under which we all suffer, everything is centered upon the individual and individual development. There is no essential regard for others or for society. Goods are privately appropriated, to the exclusion of ownership on the part of the vast majority of persons. Individual differences are valued to the detriment of communion. The socialist system, for its part, emphasizes universal participation, which, as far as the ideal is concerned, more nearly resembles the trinitarian dynamic. But personal differences mean little here. Socialist society tends to constitute a mass rather than a people, because a people is the fruit of a whole network of communities and associations in which persons count. The trinitarian mystery invites us to adopt social forms that value all relations among persons and institutions and foster an egalitarian, familial community in which differences will be positively welcomed. As the Christians of the base church communities have formulated it: The holy Trinity is the best community."

--Leonardo Boff, Trinity and Society (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, 1988), p. 85

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  1. doing a paper (for my spanish class) on liberation theologians in latin america messed me up for life (in the lovely ambiguous way). and this particular passage about the difference between persons and "people" forever made me suspicious of claims made in the name of "people." thanks again for reminding me (us) of this!