Friday, April 30, 2010

On Final Papers, Spurs, and Matters That Matter

One 12-page Ethics paper down, a 34-pager on Christians' care of the earth due Saturday, a 15-pager on Yoder due Monday, and a 20-pager on the City of God due Tuesday.

Four more nights.

Incidentally, the Spurs won their first round series tonight against the Mavs. Things are looking good on that front.

But as always, perspective: none of these things matters much. Four nights left, about 30 pages left to write -- they'll get done. I'm hoping to get A's, of course, and it's good to do one's best; but as unjust laws are passed and earthquakes rattle nations and oil spoils the Gulf -- it's wise to remember that in truth, there is nothing to be worried about. What to make of quickened heartbeats for a group of men throwing around a hollow ball for 48 minutes?

God give me grace to be attentive and faithful to the work I've been given, but more so to remember that I have a bed, a roof, food, and love.

May we all be freed from our various self-incurred and fleeting anxieties.


  1. Hold up --- THIRTY-FOUR pages for Newsom? YOU, my friend, are causing my anxiety!

    Thanks for the friendly prayer reminder :-)

  2. that reminder was much needed today mr. east!

    i'm so very glad that my best friend is blessed with you as a husband :)