Thursday, April 1, 2010

Resource of Book Blurbs

Working in a theology library, I constantly note regular names that show up on the back of books; I even find myself in the habit of unconsciously predicting who will be recommending what for which reason (and so on). One also gets used to the "regular names," one of which is of course Stanley Hauerwas, who recommends his friends, his students, his colleagues, his enemies, and more, in a relentless and unending form of scholarly charity. A less prevalent name is Robert Jenson, who seems to pick his spots, only recommending the truly groundbreaking or pivotal works he deems worthy of a blurb.

But how helpful and interesting would it be to have a gathered collection both of the scholars blurbing and of the books blurbed? Does anyone know of an online resource for book blurbs? And if not, who can get the legwork started? Almost a kind of open source Wiki-Blurb. I, for one, could definitely lose some downtime searching and reading through something like that.


  1. I don't have a clue, but I would be interested if you find something!

    This is why I love Pitts... the ability to discuss these without appearing dorky :-)


  2. With all due respect, too late, pretty dorky.