Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Commending to You, #7: Garrett East's New Blog, "Quo Vadis, Domine?"

My brother Garrett has posted a number of times here at Resident Theology, and at long last, after many requests and petitions, he has officially joined the theo-blogging world. The blog's name is "Quo Vadis, Domine?" and its URL address includes the words "cruciform mission," both of which being supremely relevant to Garrett's life and convictions: the latter because he and his wife will in three years be journeying with a team to Tabora, Tanzania, for mission work, and the former because his first guest post here was on the central question posed by the Quo Vadis legend.

Garrett just completed his undergraduate degree in Biblical Text at Abilene Christian University in west Texas, and begins his Master of Divinity in the fall semester. He is an enormously generous and charitable mind, a committed disciple, an unpretentious teacher, a passionate evangelist, a voracious reader, an astute interpreter, a wonderful friend, and a faithful brother (in both senses of the word). Upon my return from Africa in the early fall of 2006, this thoughtful American was willing to hear out my newly imbibed proclamations of the gospel of God's peaceable kingdom, and since then we have each been transformed over time both by God's patience with our stubborn Texan preconceptions and predilections, as well as by God's grace in giving each of us the other as constant conversation partner and theological brain-picker. I look forward to my and others' following and engaging Garrett through his blog, sure to be a gift to friend and stranger alike.

And if you want to give him a hard time, just tell him that the meaning of Scripture is not found in authorial intent. You will be right, he will be wrong, and maybe we'll get him to come around one of these days.

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