Friday, July 9, 2010

Marilynne Robinson on The Daily Show

One could make the argument that Marilynne Robinson is the most gifted American writer living today. That she is a committed Christian, avid reader of Reformed theology, and internationally renowned for her fiction is almost too good to be true. Regardless, she is unquestionably one of the most comprehensive and expansive minds writing today. I actually had the gift of meeting Robinson last summer in Nashville and hearing her speak, and I was not disappointed. (From memory, I believe her answer to my question about which living theologians she reads currently went something like, "I find modern theology, honestly, to be weak." Basically, for Robinson all theology in recent decades is "A.B.": After Barth.)

Thus it comes as a great surprise to find her on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show! Usually I view this sort of five-minute, one-off, interjected-with-cute-humor interview demeaning to subject and speaker alike -- but here there is a relatively healthy exception. It's just a happy sight, in any case, to see the great Calvinist and Pulitzer Prize winner sit there, wholly unfazed and utterly fearless, answering questions in clear relation to something called "truth." I'm not sure Stewart quite knew what to do with this one.

Anyway, I can't embed the video here, so be sure to go check it out.

H/T: Davey H.

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  1. Thank you for that, Brad. It was exceptionally good because Robinson did not feed into a polemic between scientist and religionist. Yet, to her credit she unabashedly and confidently ceased the moment on Steward's closing question. Left my own comment as well.