Thursday, January 20, 2011

Modern Theology Devotes Its Latest Issue to Eccentric Existence

Todd Walatka over at memoria dei has a post up discussing the latest issue of Modern Theology, which is a symposium on David Kelsey's Eccentric Existence. I wanted to alert fellow-readers in the E.E. reading group in case anyone is interested in checking it out; I know I'll be sure to tomorrow.

(Side note: Though I can't find information about the issue online, when I visited with Paul Jones at UVA last November, he mentioned that he was in the midst of writing an extensive, perhaps long-form, review of E.E. Does anyone know if Jones' piece is included in this issue of MT?)


  1. Here is the list of articles:

  2. Thank you sir. Looks like Jones isn't involved, which only means we have more to look forward to, in what will probably be a significant review in its own right.

  3. In Catherine Pickstock's review, Radical Orthodoxy again shows it is tendency towards a type of arrogant fundamentalism that is incapable of engagement with anything or anyone that does not fit neatly within its strange boxes for orthodoxy,