Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the Ways People Respond When I Say I Belong to the Churches of Christ

For some time I've noticed something peculiar. Especially outside of the South, though often there also, people seem to have approximately four responses to my answer that the ecclesial tradition which my wife and I belong to is "the churches of Christ." They are as follows:
1. "Oh." [Ignorance.] "Which one is that again?"

2. "Oh?" [Six degrees.] "Yeah, yeah, a guy we knew who lived down the street from my aunt said he went to a Church of Christ. Never been myself though."

3. "Oh..." [Knowledge + apprehension.] Either: "You're the ones who (hate women / think no one else is saved but you / sing without instruments), right?" or: "I actually left the Church some years ago."

4. "Oh!" [Delight.] "Me too!"
I might be overreacting, but it seems safe to say this is not a good sign.


  1. 5. Isn't that a cult?

  2. Yep, that's another one, too. We might add that as another sub-response to #3, though perhaps the first association of "cult" should get its own category.