Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's Business Time: AAR/SBL Thread

This is the weekend when hundreds upon hundreds of contentious (not to say sententious) scholars of religion, theology, and the Bible descend upon some unsuspecting city's hotel district with all the force of a shy, swag-dangling hurricane. I'll be there (neither interviewing for a job nor glad-handing for PhD admissions: that happy golden mean of doctoral studies), so I thought I'd let this be an open thread for anybody who'll be there or presenting.

Either way, see you there! San Francisco's not a bad place to spend a few days in mid-November.


  1. Hope to see you there Brad

  2. Do you think that, if Jesus happened to be alive and living in a living-breathing-feeling human form in San Francisco or the USA, that he would be found anywhere near this gab-fest, recognized if he happened to appear, or even welcome.