Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday Sabbath Poetry: Czeslaw Milosz

If last year was the year of R.S. Thomas, this will be, at least in part, the year of Czeslaw Milosz. Before Christmas I began his complete New and Collected Poems (1931-2001), and I'll be slowly making my way through it as the months go along. Expect this post, therefore, to be the first of many. Blessings.

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By Czeslaw Milosz

When we were fleeing the burning city
And looked back from the first field path,
I said: "Let the grass grow over our footprints,
Let the harsh prophets fall silent in the fire,
Let the dead explain to the dead what happened.
We are fated to beget a new and violent tribe
Free from the evil and the happiness that drowsed there.
Let us go"—and the earth was opened for us by a sword of flames.

Goszyce, 1944

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  1. My husband (and I by his quotation) really enjoyed his Abecadło Milosza (someone else's review: a few years ago although because of the format of the book it was a lot like reading a sporadic journal... that made it nice for reading our of order or in short bursts.