Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Link and a Comprehensive Exam

Well, my first comprehensive exam is completed.

Yesterday I spent eight hours frantically typing out answers to three questions: (1) What is the proper Christian approach to reading Scripture? (2) What constitutes the identity of the church across time? (3) How is the imago dei defined and does it need to be problematized? I framed each set of answers as a kind of "state of the question" after Barth, told as a theological story both chronological and thematic, interested especially in how theologians' ecclesial commitments have affected and inflected their approaches to the questions.

And now it's done.

After celebrating with the cohort last night, I have this morning to rest, before heading off to my first class of the fall semester this afternoon. So much for a break.

But, I thought I would at least share what I'm reading this morning. Go check out Richard Beck's important post (at least for those of us within churches of Christ) articulating his (not new, but now public) stance of "passive resistance" to patriarchal gender roles within the church. It's well worth the read.

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