Thursday, August 16, 2012

Signs You're at Yale, Vol. 173

When, in a nondescript basement of a local Episcopal church, in a gathering of a couple dozen folks for Sunday school (running, as one might expect, on Dunkin' Donuts), during a discussion of the New Atheists and the possible motivating force for their anger, passion, and zeal, one ordinary-looking middle-aged man raises his hand and, in the most casual and humble manner possible, proceeds to say, "A few years ago I actually got to spend a long weekend with Dawkins, since I was invited by Harvard to be the major respondent on a panel with him . . ."

We're not in Round Rock, Texas, anymore.


  1. So you go to church with John Hare? ;-)

  2. Yes! As it happens, however, the humble hand-raiser in question was Keith DeRose.

    1. Nice! I remember reading DeRose on contextualism for one of Fred's classes. Oh, and I missed out on meeting your parents while they were over this side of the planet last month :/ - Damien

  3. That's a great church, we really enjoyed visiting it last summer. But I admit I find the company a bit too intimidating. -Kara