Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Hooking In, Sitting Loose: A Call for Theology in the Churches of Christ" Published in Restoration Quarterly

The latest issue of Restoration Quarterly has just come out, and it includes an article of mine. The piece is a slightly revised version of the paper I read at the Christian Scholars' Conference in June, as it was entered into and ended up winning a competition for graduate students' essays, the prize for which was publication in RQ. Many thanks to the editors for their recognition of the paper and for their inclusion of it in this issue.

The official title and citation are: "Hooking In, Sitting Loose: A Call for Theology in the Churches of Christ," in Restoration Quarterly 54 (2012): 219-228.

It was a joy to write the article, and a wonderful experience to read it at CSC and to hear from peers and colleagues their thoughts in reaction to it. The argument is straightforward: Churches of Christ have a rich theological tradition on which to draw for the sake of edifying the church catholic, and we -- congregations in general and theologians in particular -- ought to take up that task intentionally and thoughtfully. The way in which this might be done is modeled paradigmatically for us by John Howard Yoder and James McClendon, who did this very thing for their own similarly situated believers church traditions, and we would do well to emulate their example. As a sort of test case, I conclude by presenting believers baptism as, on the one hand, a practice we, as a tradition, have to offer to the ecumene for reflection and implementation, and on the other hand, a locus of sacramental theology whose logic we have not followed all the way through to the end as we have with the Lord's Supper.

I hope others both within and without the tradition find in the article something substantive and worthy of engagement. I look forward to hearing from folks how they find it.


  1. Congratulations, my friend. I look forward to reading it in its final form.

  2. Wonderful Brad. I too look forward to reading it!