Sunday, October 14, 2012

Robert Jenson Has (Another) New Book Out

One and a half, really. Last year I asked who forgot to tell me about Jenson's latest book, Lutheran Slogans: Use and Abuse. Fortunately, the American Lutheran Publicity Bureau emailed me this time: Jenson has written a short work (a third part to his ALPB mini-trilogy, begun with A Large Catechism?) titled On the Inspiration of Scripture. It's ordered and on the way, so I don't have any comments at the moment; but it looks to continue Jenson's late-in-the-game focus on Scripture as a special locus of theological interest.

And speaking of Jenson -- that is, the "half" mentioned above -- Jenson has co-edited (with Eugene Korn) a book just released, called Covenant and Hope: Christian and Jewish Reflections. I do have this one in hand, and what I have read so far is superb. Jenson's essay, "What Kind of God Can Make a Covenant?" is particularly enjoyable. Other contributors include David Novak, Michael Wyschogrod, R.R. Reno, Miroslav Volf, and Douglas Knight, among others. Highly recommended.

Here's to Jenson's continued vitality and productivity in his increasingly golden years.


  1. Yes - I really enjoyed his paper on God and covenant.

    Thanks for the heads up! I knew this book was coming, but didn't know the date. One copy is now on its way to Australia.

  2. One month ago I ordered the Large Catechism & Lutheran Slogans from the ALPB. The shipment included an inventory of other ALPB publications, which included (enigmatically) the title of which you speak - although the pamphlet on the inspiration of scripture was not on their website. What happy news that this was not a typo! Although I wish I had waited several weeks and wouldn't have to pay shipping on a second order from them.