Monday, June 28, 2010

Jenson's One-Sentence Summary of the Eschaton

"Perhaps one may in almost unintelligible summary speak of an infinite implosion of love, of a created community pressed and agitated into perfect mutuality by the surrounding life of the triune God."

--Robert W. Jenson, "Eschatology," in The Blackwell Companion to Political Theology (ed. Peter Scott William T. Cavanaugh; London: Blackwell, 2004), 407

Sounds about right to me.


  1. Why "implosion"? In Systematic Theology 2, Jenson speaks of a "burst of absolute love embracing all events of created time."

    Is there any significance in this shift?

  2. Good catch! On the one hand, the answer is probably "of course not."

    But perhaps "implosion" implies something within the life of God (outside of which nothing is), and therefore encompassing all of created time and space, rather than a "burst" (i.e., an "out"-burst) from within the created order?

    Shot in the dark. As it happens, your name popped up in my email right as I was walking through your article on Jenson and Jungel. Looking forward to a close reading; but first, thanks for your reference to Jenson's essay in the Holmes-edited book released in 2008 -- it's not on my updated bibliography! The man just never stops writing.