Monday, March 7, 2011

Streaming: Biblical Conversations from the Missional Frontier

I wanted to pass along information about an upcoming event: for anyone interested and able, you are invited to join Miroslav Volf and Scot McKnight at Rochester College in two months for "Streaming: Biblical Conversations from the Missional Frontier." The conference will be held from Monday, May 16, through Wednesday, May 18, in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and is organized by uber-missional theologian (and blogger) Mark Love.

Mark is a superb theological thinker and committed disciple, and has organized what looks to be an immensely impressive conference, which is presented as "an in-depth exploration about the adventure of ministry. Presented by Rochester College’s Resource Center for Missional Leadership, Streaming will focus on the book of James and will offer ministers and church leaders biblical resources to help them lead God’s people in a missional era."

Find out more at the conference's website, or from Mark himself. Others who have plugged the event (and are planning on attending) include Tony Jones -- who also helped organize it -- and Richard Beck.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend as I will be one week removed from having graduated and two weeks ahead of moving out of state. However, I recommend registering and attending as highly as possible, and I hope it is a blessing to all involved.

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